About us

It is the mission of the Bay Area Hair Institute, LLC (BAHI) to achieve and maintain a position as the premier training provider serving the barbering community in the Greater Bay Area of Northern California, particularly the San Francisco Peninsula.  The Bay Area Hair Institute provides its students with training for certification in the theory and practice of barbering services.


BAHI provides students with a safe, clean, productive, and professional training environment that maximizes the learning process.  The instruction offered to students is of high quality and is individualized.  It is intended to develop and enhance the knowledge and skills required in this field.


The Institute achieves its mission by offering useful non-degree programs, using relevant, focused, and advanced curricula, a high level of student-instructor interaction, small class sizes, and qualified instructors with years of direct industry experience.


Graduating students are prepared and eligible to take the necessary state licensing examination to qualify for a barbering license.  It is expected that these graduates will go on to become gainfully employed in the barbering occupation throughout California.


BAHI primarily serves the student demographics above but also helps to provide those students who are already employed in the field with updated knowledge and skills.


BAHI maintains strong ties with the barbering community, both regionally, as well as the local business community in the Bay Area; it associates and networks with the local community and potential employers to assure updated and current instruction based on employer needs and industry trends.


BAHI does not make a specific occupation or job guarantee or promises of placement.  However, it may provide students with employment leads in the local community and region, based on its network of contacts.